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TIMG: InfoMedix partners with TIMG forend-to-end document anddata management

Digital healthcare solutions vendor InfoMedix has partnered with document and data management specialist The Information Management Group (TIMG) to offer an end-to-end solution for healthcare organisations.

With over 20 years in the Information Management industry, TIMG delivers business efficiency and innovation with end-to-end document management and digitisation solutions. Our secure scanning and digitisation services convert hard-copy records into digital formats for ease of use, storage and access.

The partnership between InfoMedix and TIMG has already signed up a leading private hospital group offering a complete solution from document collection and scanning, tracking and ordering, digital and data management and clinical coding, and document storage and destruction.

InfoMedix CEO Jeff Smoot had this to say: “The combined solution would use InfoMedix’s cloud-based digital patient chart (DPC) and Coding Manager solutions, along with TIMG’s document handling, tracking and management capabilities. When you look at the digital patient chart solution, we’re basically the technology that's taking the data off paper and putting that into a digitised format, with all the benefits we know that provides.”

TIMG general manager Jason Carr said the solution was tailored for the healthcare industry and was not just a matter of scanning financial or HR records. “It provides a real-time environment for the client, so as soon as the item effectively is available within our system – either via way of us physically picking up the item from the client side, or that data is imported into our system – transporting that item back and forth is done through Coalesce, our document management system.”

Benefits of the TIMG + InfoMedix solution

Digital Patient Chart - Clinicians can make informed decisions based on timely access to accurate data and information throughout the patient journey, from pre-admission to post-discharge care.

Records Digitisation - We accurately convert and capture your physical records using high-volume, quality scanners. We’ll index all your images, making them easily searchable.

Coding Manager - Coding Manager is an automated workflow that enables direct access to the Digital Patient Chart and manages communication between clinicians and coders for timely and efficient coding.

Secure Medical Records Storage - Secure storage solutions for your physical files and document boxes. Our DMS is easy to use. Access your complete inventory online to easily catalogue, retrieve, digitise and destroy your documents on demand.

Data Hosting and Migration - With built-in scalability, our platform can accommodate your data growth, so your information is always protected and available. Our offering means you do not need to invest in expensive hardware and software.

Secure Document Destruction - TIMG’s destruction services include document destruction, e-waste, digital media and non-hazardous material such as staff uniforms. All destruction is carried out under strict supervision and per our Certification and Compliance accreditations.

To book a consultation for a nationwide healthcare records solution contact Sean Kays or Berne Gibbons:

Sean Kays

TIMG QLD State Manager & National Healthcare Manager

Berne Gibbons

InfoMedix Head of Strategy and Partnerships

1800 464 360


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