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Aged Care Learning Solutions: Are you ready for the Strengthened Standards?

The Strengthened Aged Care Standards and new Aged Care Act are just eight months away and each older person is “front and centre”. Aged Care Learning Solutions is here to provide your workforce with a suite of education to prepare for and implement care as required under the Strengthened Standards.

I am at the centre of the Strengthened Standards

We introduced Pat in 2022. This is Pat at her 99th birthday in August. Pat lives in a wonderful nursing home and can’t wait to be 100 and get a letter from the King!

The 'I am At The Centre' learning resource, will step workers through the new standards and highlight changes, improvements and additions. Pat will provide an insight into what quality care means for her through photos, videos and stories.

More than a million minutes of ACLS learning every month

That’s right! Each month workers in home care, residential aged care and acute care settings engage in more than one million minutes of learning from ACLS across several platforms.

Our diversity of learning resources allows organisations and individual learners to create learning plans, respond to identified gaps and have a solution at hand for any non- compliance or performance issues.

The ACLS library has a diverse suite of learning resources with 95+ as of November 2023. All learning activities are mapped to the Aged Care Quality Standards.

New resources are developed promptly in response to regulatory and legislative changes including the new Strengthened Standards.

Our learning resources are also highly relevant for the delivery of care and services to older people in any health care setting.

Abuse of older people and ageism

There is a strong focus on the protection of older people from harm in the Strengthened Standards. Older people experience ageism and abuse in their homes and in residential aged care.

Aged Care Learning Solutions has produced two short videos as part of our suite of learning resources – Responding to Abuse and Neglect, and would like you to have a complementary viewing.

It’s not OK just because I am old: This video addresses ageism and abuse.

It's never OK - domestic violence against older women: This video is about domestic violence from the perspective of an older woman and responding with respect. Visit to watch.

Let’s have a chat!

Please email Deb to set up a time to discuss how ACLS can tailor a solution

for the needs of your organisation.


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