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AIS International Group: Criminal background screening

Our Criminal History checks span over 165+ countries to identify past offences committed by potential candidates. As an accredited agency with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), the Australian Federal Police (AFP), and the New Zealand Ministry of Justice (MOJ), we can ensure due diligence on who you recruit. Prevent regrets and protect your organisation against hiring people who harm your reputation. 

AIS International Group is your global trusted partner for background screening and due diligence. Vetted and verifiable checks through primary information sources. Swift results presented with clarity, accuracy and accountability. Relationships with real people rather than an anonymous call centre. International and National Police Checks reduce putting your business at risk. Our global offices enable us to deliver 24/7 services across two hemispheres and all time zones. This will greatly benefit inquiries that are ‘time critical’ from people who are ‘time poor’. This is why we have ensured that our online interface is customer-centric using simple language and affordable rates.. 

AIS brings over 20 years of expertise in pre-employment background screening. We recognise that vetting and hiring new employees requires timely access to reliable data. Our diverse services cover international criminal history checks across over 165 countries. Our suite of offerings is developed for security and risk mitigation so that our clients can exercise due diligence. 

AIS International's suite of background screening services combines investigative screening resources, specialist vetting and cyber-security. This mitigates risks and ensures that you know exactly who you are bringing into your team. AIS deals directly with primary sources and authorities, rather than through third parties. This ensures that our clients benefit from robust and swift results. As the results are supplied by judicial courts and government authorities, they are verified valid and accurate. The source of each check/result is declared and stamped on the certificate. Our experts are leaders in the background screening industry, posting regular blogs on emerging issues 

Whether you’re hiring for a key position or screening potential business partners, investment deals or even tenants in some cases, you probably want to know if your prospective employee, partner or tenant has a clear criminal record. In Australia, the best place to start your search is with a police check, but what exactly is it? What can a check tell you, and more importantly, what won’t it tell you? When do you need an international criminal background check? We’ve got the long and short of it, right here. 

What are police checks? 

Our AIS International checks are online & automated. If you require your applicants to pay for their own International or Australian police check, this can be done via our website. Applicants will need to provide identification and pay the relevant fee, or if you prefer to pay for your applicants police check, we can provide your organisation a 30 day net invoice at the beginning of each month. 

Please be advised that organisations cannot, as an employer or under any circumstances, discriminate against a prospect or candidate because of a criminal history report related or not related to the job or scenario in question. The applicant has the right to challenge the authorities about a criminal result if they wish to do so. 

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