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AMA Medical Products: simplifying medical product solutions

Australia’s Medical Products Experts: Trusted, Reliable providers of Medical Products Australia Wide

Established in 1988, AMA Medical Products supplies high quality medical products to

healthcare providers across Australia. Based in Perth, Western Australia, AMA Medical Products is a market leading national supplier and distributor of medical products and equipment.

‘It is our mission to make your important role as a healthcare provider easier, more efficient and more effective. We do this by providing qualified technical support and personal customer service to match the reliable, high quality and cost-effective medical product solutions we present to the market.’


Tailored Solutions

The products and support you need

Contact our team to discuss best-fit equipment and supplies for your medical practice or healthcare facility.

Talk to us about your needs. We will present you with forward thinking solutions based on our extensive industry experience.

Our suggestions will enhance the functionality of your clinic or facility. We can even recommend strategies for growth.

Online Ordering

Fast, Australia-wide delivery

Take the stress out of inventory supply and control of your medical practice or facility.

AMA Medical Products offers the convenience of online ordering for regular customers and an e-commerce platform for clients Australia-wide, with support of an experienced and dedicated customer care team. Access our on-going promotional offers with the added convenience of reviews and ratings to ensure the product you order, is the best fit for your facility.

If you are unsure about what solutions are suitable, call our dedicated Customer Service team who will be able to assist with all your enquiries.


ISO 9001:2015 accredited medical products supplier

Experienced - We have helped medical centres and healthcare clinics to get ‘set-up’ with the right equipment and supplies for over 30 years.

Product Quality - Hand-selected by our specialist team, the solutions from AMA Medical Products enable faster, more accurate and effective diagnosis and treatment.

Ongoing Support - Customer Service is our top priority, as is gaining an intimate knowledge of your business.

Simple Online Ordering – Choose our e-commerce platform or sign on as a regular customer to order the products you want when you need them.


Not Just Better, Different

Select from over 5,000 medical products from our extensive catalogue. AMA Medical Products identifies and sources only the highest quality products and supplies, so clients can deliver service to their patients with confidence.

What We Offer

● Medical Equipment

● Medical Consumables / Disposables

● Medical Furniture

● Vaccines

● Instruments

● Pharmaceuticals & Medicines


Simplifying Medical Product Solutions

With extensive knowledge and industry experience, AMA Medical Products promises outstanding customer service, unwavering technical support and fast product delivery.

Book a consultation by calling 1800 626 292 (Toll Free) or +61 8 9273 3022 or emailing

Ready to order? Visit

1800 626 292


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