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AMA Medical Products: Simplifying medical product solutions Australia wide

Australia’s Medical Products Experts

Trusted, reliable providers of medical products Australia wide.

Established in 1988, AMA Medical Products supplies high quality medical products to healthcare providers across Australia. Based in Perth, Western Australia, AMA Medical Products is a market leading national supplier and distributor of medical products and equipment.

‘It is our mission to make your important role as a healthcare provider easier, more efficient and more effective. We do this by providing qualified technical support and personal customer service to match the reliable, high-quality and cost-effective medical product solutions we present to the market’.

Why AMA Medical Products?

ISO 9001:2015 accredited medical products supplier.

Experienced – We have helped medical centres and healthcare clinics to get ‘set-up’ with the right equipment and supplies for over 30 years.

Product quality – Hand-selected by our specialist team, the solutions from AMA Medical Products enable faster, more accurate and effective diagnosis and treatment.

Ongoing support – Customer Service is our top priority, as is gaining an intimate knowledge of your business.

Simple online ordering – Choose our e-commerce platform or sign on as a regular customer to order the products you want when you need them.

Your medical products

Not just better, different.

Select from over 5,000 medical products from our extensive catalogue. AMA Medical Products identifies and sources only the highest quality products and supplies, so clients can deliver service to their patients with confidence.

What We Offer

  • Medical Equipment

  • Medical Consumables / Disposables

  • Medical Furniture

  • Vaccines

  • Instruments

  • Pharmaceuticals & Medicines

Specific Product Solutions

  • Physical Assessment

  • Auscultation

  • Patient Monitoring

  • Thermometry

  • Cardiopulmonary

  • Dermatology


Ensure your facility is working with the very best. AMA Medical Practice offers a range of ECG machines from reputable manufacturers including Edan and Welch Allyn. Our collection has been hand-chosen in partnership with trusted local distributors and manufacturers direct, ensuring the greatest diversity of choice and the most competitive prices.

Our ECG monitor range is designed to suit all settings. With benchtop models, available to print waveforms direct to thermal paper, these units are suitable for a variety of contexts. In addition, our collection includes PC based ECGs that can be wired up or used as a wireless system.

The range of ECG models available through our e-commerce store are equipped with interpretive software, with rolling stands and cable arms also available to protect important data collecting leads. These products ensure the overall security and protection of the units, allowing for optimal portable and wired usage.

Before transferring your resident to a high risk hospital setting unnecessarily, consider conducting a quick ECG.

Electronic Examination Couches

Aging often comes with various physical limitations, such as reduced mobility and joint stiffness. With height-adjustable couches, caregivers can customise the couch's height to ease the process of assisting residents during patient examinations, thereby reducing discomfort and the risk of falls. Residents can also have the couch adjusted to their preferred height for various examinations, enhancing their sense of control and dignity.

Residents in aged care facilities often require regular medical attention, and having an examination couch that can be easily adjusted to the appropriate height ensures that healthcare providers can work efficiently and comfortably. This is especially important for residents with mobility issues or those who need to remain in a seated or reclined position for extended periods during medical care.

Furthermore, height-adjustable couches support the principles of resident-centred care. Every resident has unique needs and preferences, and these couches allow for individualised care plans. Whether it's providing a comfortable space for examination or ensuring optimal positioning during medical procedures, the flexibility of these couches contributes to a higher standard of care that aligns with the residents' specific requirements.

Incorporating height-adjustable patient couches into an aged care facility is not only a practical necessity but also a compassionate choice. It enhances resident comfort, safety, and access to medical care while respecting their individuality and dignity. These couches play a pivotal role in promoting the overall well-being and quality of life for elderly residents in such facilities.

Vital Signs Monitors

Vital signs monitoring in aged care facilities is a crucial component of ensuring the wellbeing of elderly residents. Regular monitoring of vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and temperature allows healthcare providers to detect early signs of illness or deterioration in residents' health. This proactive approach enables timely interventions, preventing potential emergencies and optimising residents' chances of a successful recovery. It also facilitates seamless transitions between the aged care facility and the hospital, as accurate and up-to-date vital signs data is essential for providing relevant information to paramedics and hospital staff. In pre-hospital care, the monitoring of vital signs is a lifeline, ensuring that elderly residents receive the right care at the right time, promoting their overall health and safety.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Accurate blood pressure devices are absolutely critical when managing patients with both high and low blood pressure conditions. These devices serve as the cornerstone of diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing monitoring for individuals with hypertension (high blood pressure) and hypotension (low blood pressure).

Patients with high blood pressure often require medications to regulate their blood pressure levels. Accurate measurements help healthcare professionals determine the correct dosage and monitor the effectiveness of the treatment. With precise data, adjustments to medication regimens can be made as needed, preventing under or overmedication.

For both high and low blood pressure patients, monitoring blood pressure trends over time is crucial for assessing overall cardiovascular health and identifying potential complications. Reliable devices ensure that healthcare providers can make informed decisions regarding a patient's risk factors, lifestyle modifications, or necessary interventions.

Accurate blood pressure measurements empower patients to actively participate in their own healthcare. They can better understand their condition, track progress, and make necessary lifestyle changes to improve their blood pressure. Inaccurate readings can lead to unnecessary anxiety or complacency, affecting patient compliance and overall outcomes.

For high blood pressure patients, accurate measurements can enable early intervention to prevent severe health issues. Timely detection of high blood pressure can lead to lifestyle changes, such as dietary adjustments or increased physical activity, which can help avoid the need for medication in some cases.

Accurate, clinically graded devices are indispensable tools for diagnosing, treating, and monitoring these conditions effectively. They ensure that patients receive the right care at the right time, ultimately improving their quality of life and reducing the risk of complications associated with blood pressure disorders.

The Welch Allyn Connex 3400 ProBP and 2000 ProBP offer facility staff a clinically graded device designed with patient comfort in mind. The SureBP technology measures your residents blood pressure during the inflation period, instead of during the step deflation process, reducing the pressure your resident experiences.


Wheelchairs play a pivotal role in aged care facilities, providing essential mobility support and enhancing the quality of life for elderly residents. These devices offer a means of independence and freedom for those with mobility limitations, allowing them to move around, socialise, and participate in various activities within the facility. Aged care facilities prioritise the accessibility and availability of wheelchairs to cater to residents' diverse needs, ensuring that each individual can enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling life in the facility while maintaining their dignity and autonomy.

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