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AMD Advanced Medical Devices: A leading manufacturer keeping Australia secure and safe

Advanced Medical Devices - AMD, was born out of frustration. A frustration that as Australians we are increasingly reliant on other nations for critical supplies such as respiratory protection. We don’t need to look too far back into history to find examples of how this reliance can have disastrous consequences. Today, AMD is the leading Australian manufacturer of disposable P2 Surgical Grade 3 Respirators with a world class manufacturing facility based in Sydney. This is our story.

The core of our business is P2 (N95) respiratory mask manufacturing and has been since 2020. We came to prominence during the worst of the pandemic when we were able to supply and protect frontline workers conducting mass COVID testing, with the highest quality P2 respirators in Australia. Major pathology labs identified our P2 respirators as having the highest rated defence against airborne viruses & pathogens, including COVID-19.

At AMD, we have a singular vision:

To protect every possible person from atmospheric contaminants, infectious agents, harmful airborne particles and hazardous materials.

Everyone has the right to feel safe at work. We aim to instil confidence in everyone who relies on PPE/RPE everyday, that their choice of AMD products is keeping them safe.

But why us?

AMD was first to market, and is still the only locally manufacturer of P2 respirator masks that utilises nano-fibre technology.

Our investment into research and development of our proprietary NANO-TECH filters have resulted in a product that achieves superior safety, greater breathability, comfort, and critically, user protection. Our products are tested by nationally & internationally recognised bodies such as CSIRO & VICLABS, and boast a particle filtration efficiency (PFE) of >99%, far surpassing the minimum requirement for P2 or N95 classification; 94% and 95% PFE respectively.

The market dominant technology for P2/N95 filters is the melt blown processing method. This involves spinning a synthetic polymer into a dense non woven fabric. The meltblown process results in filaments of approximately 1 micron diameter. Melt-blown filters are by nature, not very breathable. Therefore some masks that utilise a melt-blown filter resort to using an exhalation valve. While this improves breathability, it doesn’t protect the user from airborne pathogens and adds additional weight.

AMD’s NANO-TECH filters are created through an electro-spinning process where the resulting material is extremely thin, (diameter ranging from 0.001 to 0.5 microns). The resulting nano-fibres are bound orders of magnitude tighter than melt-blown filters.

There is currently no other mask product in Australia that relies on nano-fibre technology. For melt-blown masks, filtration degradation occurs within a 4-6 hour window, whereas AMD masks have been observed to maintain structural integrity for up to 24 hours.

After mass adoption by our front line workers fighting a scary and relatively unknown disease, we became a household name due to our selection by the AOC for use by the Australian Olympic and Paralympic teams in Tokyo. Both the AIS and AOC physicians and medical staff tested our product against others to identify the best protection for our athletes and team members for the duration of their campaign. Against well renowned local and international mask brands, whose products are used in Australian hospitals to this day, AMD came out on top.

We have endeavoured to keep as many Australians safe during the pandemic, from aged care workers and residents to the film industry, mining, education as well as major events such as the Australian Open.

Unlike other brands, we truly believe in prioritising taking care of all Australians. At the peak of the pandemic, when there was a national shortage of PPE, we kept our factory working around the clock, even refusing to supply any international orders at a detriment to our bottom line. Contrary to our competitors, we have never raised the prices on our products.

Our latest innovation - the AMD N4H Series P2 Headband Respirators were designed from the ground up with the assistance of medical professionals, leading industrial safety experts and end users to produce the best possible respiratory protection. The ethos of superior safety, greater breathability, comfort and user protection are at the core of the N4H Headband range. Available in three sizes, N4HS, N4HM and N4HL are small, medium and large respectively.

Over the past few years, in health and aged care, the focus has shifted from acquiring any PPE/ RPE to finding the best solution for individual needs. Whilst we believe that we offer the best solution, we also believe our products should speak for themselves - but how do you quantify better user experience?

This pursuit of finding better solutions for staff has resulted in a wider adoption of quantitative fit testing. Through multiple independent quantitative fit testers and occupational hygienists, AMD has gathered user data on pass rates with the N4H series of respirators.

With an initial sample size of 498 nurses, aged care workers and students from universities across NSW & QLD going on placement, 449 achieved a successful fit test as required under AS/NZ 1715:2009 representing a total pass rate of 90.16%.

With our pedigree and results, we should be in a position to celebrate our success but we’re not resting on our laurels. So far we’ve told you about our successes, our history, and technical achievements. But our frustrations upon which AMD was born, still exist. The supply chain breakdowns when relying on global partners has had disastrous outcomes for Australians but how can we do better?

Enter AMD On Demand (AOD). Our team will work on a bespoke solution surrounding logistics, storage, product assurance and allocation.

By entering a 12 month plan of AOD, you’ll guarantee a consistent supply when you need it and you’ll never have excess PPE taking up precious space on site. When your inventory runs low, we’ll refill it.

How can we guarantee this? Because we manufacture locally, we don’t have the same reliance on global supply chains that are impacted by macro-economics.

Sound intriguing?

Take our products for a test. Get in touch with our National Sales Director today.

AMD, safe today. Secure tomorrow.

02 8971 5687


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