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AMSL Medical: Introducing AMSL Medical; your enteral feeding provider

AMSL Medical, a subsidiary of Dexcom, Medical Division, is a leading provider of medical supplies and equipment. They offer a comprehensive range of Medicina products, including ENFit enteral feeding products, oral syringes, stoma-specific items, intravenous blunt fill needles, as well as enteral feeding solutions from Danumed and enteral mobility solutions from FreeArm.

AMSL Medical is proud to distribute the FreeArm, an enteral feeding accessory designed to promote independence and facilitate traveling with enteral feeds. The FreeArm provides a convenient and secure way to carry enteral feeds, allowing patients to maintain their mobility and freedom. With its user-friendly design and adjustable clamp, the FreeArm ensures comfort and ease of use for individuals who rely on enteral nutrition.

In addition to the FreeArm, AMSL Medical offers products from danumed, a renowned company specialising in enteral feeding delivery. danumed develops, manufactures, and distributes a wide range of innovative and high-quality enteral nutrition products. Their product line includes premium gastrostomy sets, extension sets, and the unique danumed button set. These products are designed to meet the diverse needs of patients requiring enteral feeding, ensuring optimal nutrition and comfort.

AMSL Medical's collaboration with FreeArm and danumed reflects their commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for enteral feeding. By offering a diverse range of products, they strive to meet the unique requirements of patients and healthcare professionals alike. The combination of Medicina, FreeArm, and danumed products ensures a holistic approach to enteral feeding, focusing on safety, convenience, and patient well-being.

With their extensive product range and commitment to ongoing product training and customer support, AMSL Medical aims to ensure successful adoption and use of these products. They understand the importance of empowering patients and healthcare professionals with reliable and efficient tools to enhance patient care and improve quality of life.

AMSL Medical's dedication to excellence extends beyond the product offerings. They provide comprehensive customer support and ongoing product training to ensure healthcare professionals are well-equipped to use and optimise the Medicina, FreeArm, and danumed products. By fostering strong relationships with their customers, AMSL Medical establishes trust and delivers a high level of service.

Through its Medicina brand, AMSL Medical offers a comprehensive range of medical supplies, including ENFit enteral feeding products, oral syringes, stoma-specific items, and intravenous blunt fill needles. They also collaborate with FreeArm and danumed to provide innovative solutions for enteral feeding and patient independence. AMSL Medical's commitment to excellence, dedication to customer support, and comprehensive product offerings make them a trusted partner in the medical industry, ensuring that patients receive the highest quality care, and healthcare professionals have access to reliable and efficient products.

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