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Brother: Enhancing patient safety and workflow efficiency with Brother's label and portable print solutions

Hospitals and healthcare have always been at the forefront of technological advancements that shape human history. From penicillin to X-rays to germ theory, these breakthroughs are well-known. However, there are some vital components of medical technology that often go overlooked, such as the humble label.


When we think of medical supplies and technology, we often focus on stethoscopes, drugs, and high-tech machines. But let's not forget the importance of devices like wristband and label printers. These devices play a critical role in ensuring accuracy and efficiency in patient identification and sample labelling. In a profession where decisions can mean life or death, providing clear and accurate information is absolutely essential.

That's where Brother comes in. We have designed a range of mobile and desktop label printers, as well as A4 portable document printers, specifically tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals. With a variety of accessories to optimise operations and prevent clinical errors, our printers are built to safeguard patients and meet the demands of busy workflows.

Here are six ways Brother's labelling and portable print solutions can benefit your healthcare facility:

  1. Increase efficiency: Our portable print solutions seamlessly integrate with existing healthcare systems and a wide range of host devices, improving the productivity of healthcare workers

  2. Ensure patient safety: With a secure patient identification workflow in place, you can rest assured that the right treatment and medication will be administered

  3. Remove handwritten errors: Minimise the chance of errors by printing legible labels and patient reports, rather than relying on manual handwriting

  4. Compact solutions: Our compact desktop printing solutions, like the PT-P950NW, allow caregivers to maximise their workspace without sacrificing functionality

  5. Wide range of consumables: Brother printers offer a variety of label and non-adhesive paper sizes and types to meet your specific requirements

  6. Options to customise your solution: Add optional accessories to streamline healthcare workflows and tailor our printers to your facility's needs

It's clear that the "humble" label and its printer are indispensable, high-tech pieces of medical equipment. Brother offers a dedicated range of thermal and label printers

certified by Cerner, meeting the requirements of Australian medical clinics and hospitals.

Choose Brother for reliable, efficient, and customised printing solutions for your healthcare facility.


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