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Buckley & Phillips: Soothing aromatherapy made easy

Enhancing care with aromatherapy

  • Over 70 pure essential oils available

  • 30 unique and convenient blends

  • Use in our ultrasonic oil diffusers and nebulisers to balance the health of body, mind and spirit.

Buckley & Phillips Aromatics began as a small venture in 1972 selling candles at local markets and has evolved into one of Australia’s oldest and most trusted manufacturers of aromatherapy and scented products. We remain family owned, which is reflected in the meticulous yet personal way we operate.

Our premium aromatherapy brand, Gumleaf Essentials, has been in production since the 1970's. These essential oils are the finest quality available and have been stringently tested and certified as 100% pure, natural & true to botanical.

Essential oils can be effective for:

  • Enhancing relaxation

  • Restful sleep

  • Masking unpleasant odours

  • Creating a calmer work environment

  • Balancing emotions and easing feelings of stress, grief and anxiety

  • Supporting alertness and energy when feeling fatigued

  • Promoting creativity and meditation

Our essential oils collection is complemented by an array of accessories including ultrasonic diffusers, nebulisers, oil burners, storage boxes, and aromatherapy books.

Our ranges also include a wide selection of room sprays, lotions, washes, bath soaks, and massage oils.

By registering for a wholesale account, you'll gain access to discounted wholesale pricing, a low minimum order of $150, and the flexibility to order products individually.

Easily register for a wholesale

account online here

(03) 9735 3755


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