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Byron Bay Tea Company: Australia’s #1 organic inner wellness brand

Your clients, patients and staff deserve the best when looking after their inner wellness. Our team at Byron Bay Tea Company are ready to curate a package suited to your needs.

Byron Bay Tea company is proudly Australia’s most respected inner wellness tea company, located in Australia’s premier wellness destination. Our carefully curated range of teas and herbal infusions are unsurpassed for their health, wellness, and healing qualities; let alone their unrivalled taste.

As a naturopath and herbalist, our founder, Sarita Merlo, created the Byron Bay Tea Co. in 2004 as a holistic health company, inspired by indigenous communities and cultures all over the world who have long appreciated the remedial qualities of teas, herbs and spices to live a long and healthy life. Intrigued by the natural healing properties of herbs, and keen to turn a cultural tradition into modern-day practice, Sarita has spent the past 20 years continually innovating and evolving our range of teas to cater for the functional benefits that teas and herbal infusions can support in the human body.

Our exacting standards require our teas to be prepared in small batches based on our proprietary blends using certified organic, sustainably and ethically sourced, A Grade raw materials and we do not add any fillers. Our pyramid tea bags are plastic free and biodegradable, and our packaging is re-usable & recyclable.

“We've been operating here in Byron Bay coming on 20 years now, handblending a premium range of 22 traditional, oriental and herbal teas. I started Byron Bay Tea Company out of my passion for herbal medicine. I have been a Naturopath and Herbalist for 25 years and creating these brews with many wonderful and colourful ingredients. The products are really a cross between a "tea" and a "healthy beverage".

I love herbs and always have! I have always been interested in Natural Medicine and the healing power of herbs and I wanted others to experience their benefits. I felt like there was a gap in the market 20 years ago when all you could find on a supermarket shelf was plain Chamomile or Peppermint tea. I observed that many people were interested in drinking them for their health benefits but didn’t really enjoy the flavours.

My idea was to create a range of blended and organic herbal teas for health. Herbs were blended with other natural and exotic ingredients such as vanilla bean, berries, and spices to create unique and delicious flavours. This was a way that people could access herbal medicine “off the shelf ” without having to consult a Naturopath. It was also a more enjoyable way to take medicine by drinking tea rather than taking terrible tasting potions prepared by a Naturopath.”

We are proud to bring our premium range of teas to the Health & Aged Care sector, and provide exceptional teas that can play a part in improving the health and wellbeing of the clients and patients.

“Byron Bay is simply a really special place with healing magic emanating from the land. We’ve combined our love of teas with the best and freshest ingredients we can find, whilst honouring the rich history of tea across cultures. Our teas combine both the medicinal benefits of plants with the flavours that mother nature provides. Our ethos and philosophy is centred around improving the wellbeing of the individual as well as the planet. It’s a product we’re really proud of. We’re humbled to be able to bring a little slice of our paradise to the world in our healing range of teas.” — SARITA MERLO, FOUNDER

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