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Care Pharmaceuticals (Murine): Good eye care is a key factor for living a healthy, happy life

Dry eyes are a big issue with Australians and is increasing with our ageing population, yet only 26% have seen an optometrist about the plethora of new treatment options available.

Murine® provides a preservative free range of eye care products:

MURINE® Dry Eyes Drops

Specially formulated preservative free ophthalmic solution that contains a clinically proven active ingredient to relieve, lubricate and protect dry eyes.

• Immediate long-lasting dryness relief

• Lubricates dry eyes

• Protects from further moisture loss

It is perfectly balanced to work with your tears to moisturise and lubricate the surface of the eye, relieving dryness and providing protection from further moisture loss.

Possible causes of Dry eyes include:

• Contact lenses

• Lack of tears

• Hormonal changes

• Air-conditioned environments

• Computer usage

MURINE® Eye Mist

Preservative free and specially formulated to gently moisturise and refresh dry and tired eyes. Ideal for people who find it hard to use eye drops.

Dry eyes are a common problem for many. Computer work, ageing and wearing contact lenses can cause a disruption to the eyes natural protective barrier.

MURINE® Eye mist restores and stabilises the natural tear film, reducing moisture loss. The mist applies liposome particles into the closed eyelids that refresh and maintains the natural moisture in and around the eyes. Soothing relief for dry, tired and itchy eyes.

MURINE® Clear eyes Gentle Cleansing Wipes

Uniquely textured hypoallergenic wipes for effective, gentle cleaning of the eyelids and lashes. Removes secretions and crusted matter, residue & make up from around the eyes.

• Preservative & alcohol free

• Ophthalmologist recommended

• Dermatologist certified as suitable for sensitive skin

MURINE® Clear eyes wipes can be used daily to remove ocular secretions, scales, crusted matter, make-up and used as a warm or cold compress. The wipes are carefully pH-balanced to match the natural pH of human tears.


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