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Detmold Medical: Behind the mask. The Detmold Medical story

The Detmold Medical - 100% Australian Made Face Masks story is an incredible one. It’s a story of bold decisions, collaborations, and jumbo jets. Most of all, it’s a story of entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork that enabled us to achieve an 18-month project in 18 weeks, driven by a collective purpose: to take care of those who care.

The call to arms

In February 2020, the SA and Federal Governments approached the Detmold Group to secure a reliable supply of locally manufactured Face Mask Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to safeguard Australia’s frontline healthcare professionals.

It was a call to arms we answered, and Detmold Medical was born. We committed to producing 145 million face masks, extending our manufacturing capabilities into a new direction to help fight COVID-19.

Mask manufacturing in the time of COVID

As an Australian family-owned business and global packaging manufacturing specialists, we quickly pivoted to face mask production thanks to our existing innovation, procurement, engineering, and supply chain capabilities.

By March 2020, Australia’s borders had closed. Due to global freight issues, we hired jumbo jets to import 20 new specialist mask manufacturing machines. We also procured the face masks’ vital raw material from Australian family-owned Tacca Medical. This removed overseas reliance on a scarce mask ingredient with unpredictable delivery schedules and pricing.

Collaborating with experts. Investing in people.

We immediately established the technical and administrative gaps in our expertise and collaborated with universities, research labs and the State Government to set up a TGA-certified mask manufacturing facility with onsite face mask testing – an Australian first.

Commitment to safety, quality and comfort

Detmold Medical remains committed to ongoing research and development of products to ensure the delivery of the highest quality products.

Inhouse testing facilities

Detmold Medical has developed our own testing facilities to validate and enhance the quality of our masks. The lab allows for constant monitoring of performance, and its proximity to the manufacturing facility ensures issues are quickly identified and resolved. The onsite testing also fast tracks approvals of new materials or designs ahead of external validation and testing by accredited laboratories.

The lab facilitates daily testing of face masks and material to enable continued development of Detmold Medical's extensive PPE range. Regular testing not only validates face mask performance, but also fast tracks approvals of new and alternative materials.

This evolvement in capability supports a commitment to providing quality, COMFORTABLE, easy to FIT AND wear products to protect workers in many industries. Detmold Medical prioritise responsible material supply and manufacturing practices. We are committed to quality and safety, are connected globally, resourced locally, products are engineered with passion and driven by collaboration.

1800 338 633 (DETMED)


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