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Detmold Medical: DETMOLD Medical launches new mask range

Australian face mask manufacturer Detmold Medical has launched a new range of Tri-Panel Respirators and a Surgical Mask with Visor, offering wearers extra protection, comfort and more effective fit.

The new Surgical Visor expands the Level 3 Surgical range, featuring Level 3 Surgical Masks with ear loops and head ties. It comes with a pleated L3 surgical mask, attachment ties for a secure fit, as well as an integrated anti-glare visor that has undergone fog treatment. The clear visors have also been designed to attach to the masks, allowing glasses to be worn underneath without impacting efficacy.

The Detmold Medical Level 3 Surgical Visor mask has been designed as a non-sterile disposable mask for use in the healthcare, aged care and dental industries.

The Tri-Panel respirator range includes a Level 3 N95 surgical Respirator, a P2 N95 Medical Respirator and a Class P2 Particulate Respirator, having been designed to improve comfort and deliver high performance for breathability, targeting the healthcare and industrial sectors.

The Tri-Panel respirators are single use, non-sterile respiratory devices that provide the highest level of protection:

  • The L3 N95 Surgical Respirator (ARTG 438510), with red headbands, has been engineered to deliver protection against high-intensity fluid sprays while providing protection against non-oil-based airborne particulates and bacteria.

  • The P2 N95 Medical Respirator (ARTG 439074), with blue headbands, provides comfort and high breathability, filtering out non-oil-based airborne particulates and bacteria.

  • The Class P2 Particulate Respirator (ARTG 439074), with grey headbands, has been specifically engineered to filter out more than 95 per cent of airborne particles including dust, smoke and mist while being comfortable to wear and secure.

About Detmold Medical

The Detmold Medical business began in 2020, with the Detmold Group quickly pivoting to face mask production following a request from the SA and Federal Governments. This resulted in Detmold Medical committing to producing 145 million masks, expanding the groups manufacturing capabilities into a new direction.

About the Detmold Group

With headquarters in South Australia, the Detmold Group is a thirdgeneration, family-owned and operated business, supplying some of the world’s largest and most iconic food and retail brands. The Detmold Group operates in 17 countries and has manufacturing facilities in 7 countries.

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