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Ecco Shoes: A global family of shoemakers

Founded in 1963 by Karl Toosbuy in Bredebro, Denmark, ECCO Shoes has become a global leader in the footwear industry, celebrated for its unwavering dedication to quality, comfort, and innovation.

What began as a modest family-owned endeavor has blossomed into a multinational powerhouse, spreading its influence across more than 90 countries worldwide.

ECCO believe that shoes should feel good right out of the box. And that footwear should make you feel good. ECCO was founded upon these beliefs in 1963. At the core of ECCO's inception was Karl Toosbuy's profound appreciation for the artistry of shoemaking and his vision to craft footwear that seamlessly blended both elegance and utility. He firmly believed that shoes ought to embody not only aesthetic appeal but also immediate comfort, an ethos that instantly set ECCO apart from its contemporaries.

ECCO founder, Karl Toosbuy, believed quality leather was the key to comfort and style. And comfort and style are the keys to a life well lived. People are central to how and why ECCO works. And so, now we enter the era of the Modern Family. Founded by a husbandand- wife team 60 years ago, today ECCO is still owned and run by the same family who also design and make shoes for everyone in the family – whatever yours looks like – and their busy, messy, perfectly imperfect lives.

“60 years ago, our journey began with a dream to make original design for everyday life. The number one goal today is to make ECCO even stronger. We’ll keep pushing the spirit and the products and renewing the brand, all without scaring anyone away, but just adding more. They key in everything we do is not to do something because others did or didn’t do it. I’m not interested in that. I think, and hope, that when we show ECCO to the world people will relate to it” - Panos Mytaros, CEO

Right from its inception, ECCO embraced a vertically integrated business model, asserting control over every facet of the shoemaking process. This encompassed the establishment of its own tanneries to meticulously curate the finest leathers and exerting meticulous oversight over manufacturing to uphold stringent quality standards. Through this meticulous oversight, ECCO ensured that each pair of shoes bore the hallmark of superior craftsmanship and durability, fostering unwavering trust and loyalty among its global clientele.

ECCO's journey has been punctuated by a relentless pursuit of innovation. In the 1980s, the company introduced its groundbreaking Direct Injection Technology, a revolutionary manufacturing process that forever transformed the landscape of shoemaking. This pioneering technique involved the precise injection of liquid material directly into the shoe's sole, resulting in a seamless fusion between the upper and outsole. The outcome? Shoes that not only provided unmatched comfort and flexibility but also boasted unparalleled durability, setting an unprecedented benchmark within the industry.

Throughout its illustrious trajectory, ECCO has remained steadfast in its commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. The company has consistently channeled substantial investments into research and development, continuously exploring novel avenues to elevate the comfort, performance, and style of its footwear. This relentless pursuit of innovation has culminated in the birth of proprietary technologies like Receptor® and BIOM®, meticulously engineered to offer wearers optimal support and stability.

However, ECCO's journey transcends mere commercial success. The company has fervently embraced its responsibility towards sustainability and ethical business practices. Acknowledging the profound environmental challenges plaguing the fashion industry, ECCO has embarked on a holistic sustainability strategy, championing responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices. From prioritizing eco-friendly materials to implementing energy-efficient measures and waste reduction initiatives, ECCO remains steadfast in its commitment to mitigating its ecological footprint.

Moreover, ECCO's dedication to sustainability extends beyond environmental stewardship to encompass social responsibility. The company upholds stringent labor standards across its global supply chain, ensuring safe working conditions and equitable wages for all employees. ECCO's unwavering commitment to ethical business practices underscores its profound reverence for humanity and the planet.

As ECCO commemorates its 60th anniversary, it stands as a beacon of excellence, unwavering in its adherence to its founding principles while embracing the winds of change. With an indomitable focus on quality, comfort, and sustainability, ECCO is poised to sculpt the future of footwear, inspiring generations to tread the path of style and conscience.

ECCO are constantly pushing the boundaries of modern shoemaking. Making simple, yet stylish, high-quality shoes is in their DNA. For decades, they’ve redefined minimalist Scandinavian design by taking comfort to the next level, improving performance and providing a secure fit.

ECCO’s point of different is their innovative Fluidform Technology. ECCO FLUIDFORM™ DIRECT INJECTION TECHNOLOGY signature comfort starts with the anatomical last and the unique 3D molds used to make ECCO shoes. Lightweight liquid materials are injected directly into the sole of the shoe to create an integral, flexible and lightweight bond between the upper and the outsole. The result is unparalleled comfort and all-day wearability.

ECCO's dedication to innovation is perhaps most evident in its pioneering use of technology to enhance the customer experience. The company has embraced digitalization and e-commerce, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to provide customers with seamless online shopping experiences.

ECCO’s focus on technology and innovation, ECCO remains deeply committed to providing exceptional customer service. The company's dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in every aspect of its business, from the design and craftsmanship of its products to its responsive and attentive customer support team. ECCO understands that providing a superior customer experience is key to building long-lasting relationships and fostering brand loyalty.

ECCO continues to innovate and evolve, staying ahead of the curve and anticipating the needs and desires of its customers. With an unwavering commitment to quality, comfort, and sustainability, ECCO is poised to remain a global leader in the footwear industry for decades to come.

ECCO Shoes has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1963. What started as a small family-owned business has grown into a global powerhouse, renowned for its commitment to quality, comfort, and innovation. With its unwavering dedication to excellence and its forward-thinking approach to business, ECCO is poised to shape the future of footwear and inspire generations to come.

If you believe that every step counts. If you believe the way you move says everything about the way you live. If you believe you’re at your best when you’re comfortable, stylish, and supported. If you believe that the things you buy should get better, not worse, with time. Then ECCO makes footwear for you.

ECCO is dedicated to making you look good, have a spring in your step and give comfort through quality in everything they do.

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