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Epicor Software: Unlocking organisational agility through aged care software

Does your organisation have the best-in-class software to achieve agility?

Agile organisations are those that take a creative, collaborative and people-centred approach towards achieving an organisation’s vision and mission.

In dynamic markets, such as the Australian aged care sector, agility is crucial for organisations that aspire to deliver the highest quality care to their community. In 2024 and beyond, true agile requires the right aged care software. But what constitutes ‘the right aged care software’?

The answer lies in a considered assessment across key evaluation criteria specific to your organisation. To help you develop your evaluation criteria, here are seven categories (7 Cs) that Australian aged care organisations should deeply assess their software solutions against:

  • Client-centred

  • Compliant

  • Customised

  • Connected

  • Collaborative

  • Contextualised

  • Cyber-secure

We unpack each category in Epicor’s latest eBook, The 2024 Guide to Agile Aged Care. In this article, we introduce some of the key considerations covered in each of the 7 Cs.


If your clients don’t receive a quality of care that meets their expectations, they will likely transition to a provider that will. Therefore, your client’s experience should be at the centre of everything your organisation does, which means your software needs to be developed with a view to the entire care recipient journey.


Maintaining compliance with a broad suite of obligations will put your organisation under pressure unless you receive support. For the most part, software can facilitate this support, particularly when your vendor commits that their software will stay current with changes to the Australian legislative environment and meet the industry’s extensive governance requirements.


Your software evaluation should include assessing whether the vendor provides customer support and product development from a team of knowledgeable staff who deeply understand the gravity of your challenges and can, therefore, provide prompt and truly helpful assistance.


Today, best-in-class aged care software applications can provide your business with a fully functioning, scalable, and end-to-end enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution. Such software should provide all the required functionality to manage your aged care organisation’s marketing, administration, client, procurement, document management, and financial aspects.


The aged care organisations that achieve true agility will be those that align their team towards a future consistent with the organisation’s mission and culture, a better tomorrow for all their stakeholders. In such an approach, organisations look to free their team up to focus on delivering the highest possible standard of care for their clients by leveraging technology.


Aged care providers need a 360-degree view of client profiles where all information lives in a truly integrated system, providing a single source of truth. Moreover, as the market adapts to the transition from the Aged Care Approvals Round (ACAR), organisations won’t have the luxury of time to analyse large quantities of raw data.


The financial cost of a cyber-attack for healthcare organisations is more than double the global industry average, highlighting the need for providers to take proactive measures to protect all stakeholders who would otherwise be affected by attacks on their data. To adopt best-in-class security, aged care organisations need services including complex encryption, single sign-on (SSO), intrusion detection and redundancy.

If unlocking organisational agility through software is important to your organisation, this eBook will provide valuable insights to guide your decision-making.


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