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Ergotron: Our heroes are caregivers

That’s why we design products that help caregivers and providers thrive. Providing thoughtful solutions allows them to feel comfortable as they tackle each shift, so they can channel their energy and skills toward meaningful patient interactions.

Expand your reach

Ergotron healthcare products are used around the world. Our ergonomic portfolio supports a wide range of healthcare applications and services, from medical carts to wall workstations and beyond.  We recognize that the needs of each organization and caregiver can be unique. Whether you need a basic communication channel between patients and families or telepresence for a specific care area, we use our expertise to help you implement the right solution.

Our open architecture designs fit your changing technology as you work to address low to high patient acuity in times of routine care and in times of crisis.

We stand apart from the rest through:

  • Human-centered designs that harness the technology of movement, based on more than 40 years of experience

  • Professional-grade quality and extensive testing that keeps users safe and extends your ROI

  • Modular designs that adapt to changing technology and are easy to clean to support infection control

  • A broad portfolio of accessories for organizations to tailor each offering for individual applications

Comfortable analysis for providers

Whether sitting or standing our ergonomic monitor arms, wall mounts or medical carts and patented constant force technology help you comfortably review diagnostic results. Our flexible designs fit into a variety of spaces, and accessory options such as dual screen kits help enable real time accurate evaluations while communicating directly with the patient. 

Personalized patient care

Flexible, height-adjustable solutions support comfortable workflows and meaningful patient interactions. Nurses can take basic vitals with a simple mobile desk or adapt to any situation in an emergency department with numerous tools and resources at their fingertips with a full-featured cart.

Timely, certified service

Preventative service packages available through Ergotron Service’s certified professionals ensure the ongoing health and uptime of your healthcare products. Various service plans are available for timely service that limits interruptions to patient care.

With eKinnex™ technology, you can monitor battery life in real time on your powered medical carts to proactively identify service and maintenance needs to maintain uptime and to free up time for your IT team. The HIPAA portal keeps patient information safe while providing key insights to manage your fleet.

Free ergonomic assessment tools

Use Ergotron’s free assessment tools to conduct your ergonomic self-assessment and plan.

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