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Generation-e: Transform your health and aged care organisation with contact centre services from Generation-e and NICE

In fast-paced and ever-evolving business environments, exceptional customer experiences (CX) are crucial for success. This is especially true in industries such as healthcare and aged care, where delivering unparalleled CX and patient care can make all the difference. Generation-e and NICE provide end-to-end capabilities to support business transformation and enhance CX, empowering health and aged care providers to focus on what matters most: their patients.

Modern contact centre solutions allow organisations to provide exceptional customer service, improve efficiency, and streamline operations by blending the latest technology advancements with experienced health and aged care providers. In healthcare, applications can help manage patient interactions, schedule appointments, and provide information about medical services to improve patient satisfaction and help healthcare providers deliver better care. Similarly, in an aged care environment, contact centre solutions support resident interactions, provide information about services, and improve communication between staff, residents, and their families, enhancing the quality of care and the overall experience for residents. With the latest contact centre solutions from Generation-e and NICE, health and aged care organisations can improve operations, deliver better care, and transform their businesses.


NICE CXone is a scalable, cloud-native contact centre platform with automatic upgrades, 99.99% guaranteed availability, and flexible scaling. It offers unified CX with advanced applications and has been recognised as a market leader for eight consecutive years by Gartner® Magic Quadrant™. NICE CXone is valuable for health and aged care organisations, providing tools to manage customer interactions and improve care.

Contact centre managed services

Generation-e offers solutions for health and aged care organisations that require 24/7 incident management, cost control, and adaptable contact centres using the NICE CXone platform. The contact centre managed services enhance reliability and security, reducing the need for dedicated IT personnel and allowing healthcare providers to focus on delivering exceptional patient and resident experiences.

Customer care assessment

Generation-e's customer care assessment improves cost management, efficiency, and consistency by evaluating CX against best practices to protect consumers with pre-built compliance solutions and identify behaviours that drive frictionless CX. 

Move to the cloud

Health and aged care providers can improve experiences and efficiencies by moving to the cloud. Generation-e can assess the contact centre environment, identify issues, risks, and growth opportunities, and provide recommendations to enhance performance. Digital technology enriches CX, allowing providers to optimise operations and deliver better care.

Enterprise architect service

Generation-e's enterprise architect service transforms contact centre operations using artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to boost agent retention and reduce costs. It uses journey mapping workshops and Voice of the Customer (VoC) analytics to discover useful insights and identify ways to enhance CX and foster loyalty. 

Innovate for true impact

Innovate for impact by partnering with leading contact centre technology providers like Generation-e and NICE. Transform your business with voice and digital technologies that prioritise customer needs. Improve CX, evaluate risks, and create an investment plan for better business results and financial growth through increased conversions and sales.

Get in touch with Generation-e or NICE today to find out more about how our consultants can help your business succeed.

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