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getback™: How device-based Exercise Therapy can grow your Chiropractic practice

  • Data-driven exercise devices with measurement functionalities

  • Physical therapy software

  • Utilise a Virtual Assistant

  • Add value for stakeholders

  • Invest with common sense

Whether you are a start-up or existing Chiropractic centre, you’re always looking for ways to grow your business.

A business plan that enables high-quality patient care and revenue generation also needs to differentiate from your competition and develop patient loyalty. And increasingly, patients demand engaging, result-oriented treatments that are measurable.

Incorporating device-based Exercise Therapy

Systematic review studies in the Lancet have shown that Exercise Therapy is an important element in treating musculoskeletal disorders. 

Medical guidelines in the USA, Europe and Australia are increasingly recommending Exercise Therapy as an evidence-based intervention for treating musculoskeletal disorders. 

Health insurers are also in favour of treatments that are evidence-based, transparent and results-oriented.

Our solution – exercise devices with measurement functionalities

getback™ exercise devices are a comprehensive evaluation and treatment concept for musculoskeletal disorders. The solution uses carefully targeted movement and controlled loading to reverse the deconditioning syndrome related to musculoskeletal pain.

Individualised programs are based on a questionnaire, physical evaluations and tests. The TGA registered, medical grade devices provide a safe and effective way of improving mobility, strength and spinal coordination.

All training data is recorded and validated outcome data is collated systematically and automatically. 

All relevant patient information from medical questionnaires to validated measurements of mobility and strength is captured and easily exported.

  • Automated weight selection and seat adjustment

  • Fixation technology for isolated movement

  • Optimal biomechanics

Utilise a Virtual Assistant

The EVE Therapy Software is a Virtual Assistant that takes care of patients. The therapist becomes a supervisor who monitors patients’ movements through an interactive dashboard, increasing productivity and allowing them to focus on patients who need more help.

  • Data automatically saved and stored for reporting

  • Automates the administrative burden

  • Therapists focus on their expertise and skills

Affordable value for patients

Quality care doesn’t have to be expensive to produce. 

The getback technology and EVE software provides patients with high-quality, safe and adaptive training programs.

Our solution allows therapists to focus on patient motivation and wellbeing, while the technology enables repetitive work precisely and safely. 

The end result is increased patient satisfaction without driving up costs.

Stakeholder value

To build a successful business case, key stakeholders need to see added value:

  • Patients benefit from results-oriented therapy within a safe environment.

  • Referrers get a reliable referral relationship, evidence-based treatment and satisfied patients.

  • Health insurers get a results-oriented, evidence-based treatment.

  • Shareholders recognise a profitable and innovative organisation.

  • Clinic personnel work in a results-based, innovative environment.

Invest with common sense

Implementation of the getback solution within a chiropractor setting can have a substantial economic impact.

Device-based Exercise Therapy offers cost-effective, evidence-based treatment of various musculoskeletal complaints.

Longer-term engagement with patients is possible by selling membership for training programs coordinated by our software.

Furnishing your chiropractor practice

At getback, we have years of experience setting up small, medium and large clinics.

We would be happy to contact you to discuss a business case and design for your physical therapy centre.

0438 973 737


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