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Intrahealth: Automation of a hospital in the home? That’s hCare.

Documentation, consistency, and visibility of information is a big issue in healthcare that hCare solves.

Hospital In Your Home (HiYH) has implemented a single solution mobility app across their business that has streamlined their business, created better patient outcomes, and given their funders complete access to information.

HiYH was founded by Dr Michael Young in 2017 to provide the highest quality of home care services, including Hospital in Home and Palliative care. “Since 2017, we have provided services across the eastern states of Australia to deliver acute hospital-level care in the community more efficiently, with more comfort to the patient, less risk of Hospital Acquired Complications to relieve pressure from the acute hospital system,” said Dr Young.

For HiYH, technology underpins the delivery of exemplary care, but when it was founded, no single system could meet its unique needs. “We ended up using ad-hoc and disjointed solutions, often using spreadsheets, faxes, and a mix of paper and electronic charting,” said Dr Young. Medication management, receiving results, recording observations, progress notes, and transferring information back to a hospital or GP were tangled in multiple disparate systems.

Vanessa West, Nursing Director of HiYH explained that manual processing of information was bogging down their teams, making consistent transfer of information and compliance a challenge. HiYH nurses spend 90% of their time in route or providing care in the home. They needed a single solution that was flexible enough to meet their needs and supported automating processes so nurses could focus on patient care while ensuring quality and consistent documentation and information transfer.

After a thorough market scan, HiYH identified hCare by Intrahealth, which had a vast array of functionality via an intuitive tablet-based user interface. For Vanessa, the product improved their business immensely. “hCare made it easy for our team to record care with minimal staff training required,” she said. “We were able to configure clinical views and processes on the app that made sense to us and our business. We could also add our configurable forms, such as a cannula care form that made entry fast, easy, and consistent. The team could quickly see all patient information in one place, easily access and manage medications, results, observations, contemporaneous notes and documents.” In particular, she mentioned that the automated features have been a godsend. “Nurses no longer need to create discharge summaries for the GP and Hospital. It is completed automatically!”

For Dr Young, “Documentation, consistency, and visibility of information is a big issue in healthcare that hCare solves.”

“We have focused our app on ensuring a simple-to-use solution for community, hospital, and aged care providers but also recognising that care delivery organisations are unique and need flexible solutions to create the best possible patient experience,” explained Intrahealth’s General Manager Craig Longstaff.

“The hCare app is designed to enhance care delivery, not obstruct it.”

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