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Kaltech Security: Safer aged care facilities

Ensuring the safety and security of aged care residents and staff is crucial in providing a nurturing environment where seniors can thrive. Kaltech Security partners with aged care facilities to revolutionize safety measures, understanding the unique challenges they face. Our tailored solutions prioritise the well-being of residents and staff.

Kaltech recognises that security goes beyond deterring external threats. Our comprehensive systems address both internal and external risks, from unauthorised access to medical emergencies. Access Control Systems regulate entry points, safeguarding sensitive areas like medication storage.

Our state-of-the-art CCTV Surveillance Systems offer comprehensive coverage, deterring intruders and monitoring resident activities. Remote viewing capabilities provide added supervision, ensuring continuous security even off-site.

Integrated Duress and Alarm Systems promptly alert staff in emergencies, empowering swift response and potentially saving lives. This streamlines emergency protocols, offering peace of mind to residents and staff alike.

Kaltech Security provides a sanctuary where seniors can age with dignity and caregivers can work confidently. Investing in our solutions means investing in the safety and well-being of all.

"Kaltech Security's duress systems were literally a life saver when my father had a fall. Their system meant he wasn't alone and the immediate response ensured he received help swiftly, giving us peace of mind in knowing he's always looked after, even when we can't be there." Janelle - Daughter of Resident

"Thanks to Kaltech's cameras, any threat to the facility is met with instant attention, ensuring the safety of our stafand residents at all times." Scott – Head of Security

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