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Pam Pam: Rediscover the flavours of Asia with Pam Pam

Delicious and convenient plant-based meals

At Pam Pam, we believe in the power of nutrition and convenience in supporting the wellbeing of individuals who need support with their meals. We provide authentic, plant-based Asian ready-meals, carefully prepared to be ready in just six minutes.

Owned and managed by an Australian-Thai entrepreneur who has grown up in a vegetarian household, Pam Pam merges age-old culinary traditions with the benefits of vegetarian and vegan diets. The result? Dishes that resonate with genuine Asian tastes, crafted with love and expertise.

Our menu encompasses a vibrant variety of Asian dishes, with favourites such as Thai pork basil with jasmine rice, hokkien noodle, pad thai, miso ramen, laksa noodle with puff tofu and sweet and sour stir fry. To satisfy smaller appetites or snack cravings, we also offer a range of bites like bao buns, spring rolls, sticky rice dumplings (Zongzi) and dumplings.

Recognising the diverse dietary needs of individuals, we’ve included dishes that suit a variety of dietary restrictions.

We have prioritised convenience without compromising nutrition or taste. Our meals are prepared, frozen and dispatched straight to care facilities or individual homes, arriving in perfect condition thanks to our environmentally friendly insulated packaging and reliable delivery service. And for extra peace of mind, all deliveries can be tracked.

As we strive to provide nutritious and tasty plant-based meals, our commitment to quality has been recognised, with our meals finding a place in Woolworths. This demonstrates our dedication to making healthy eating accessible to a wider audience, including those needing support with their meals.

By choosing Pam Pam, you’re opting for a nutritious, easy-to-prepare solution that respects individual dietary needs and taste preferences. With our offerings, we aim to enrich the lives of individuals, making enjoyable and healthy meals an effortless part of their daily routines.

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