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Panasonic Australia: nanoe™ Xair purifier

The daily indoor activities which we undertake generate various odours and smells, which can impact our comfort levels.

The pollutants which we bring in from outside also have consequences to the indoor air quality. Additionally the growth of mould in humid seasons may cause allergic problems for some people. All these factors can result in the quality of our indoor air being as bad if not worse than the outside air quality.

Protect the most valuable asset in your business, your staff and residents.

nanoe™ X inhibits certain bacteria, viruses, pollens, allergens, and mould as well as breaking down hazardous substances contained in PM 2.5 nanoe™ contributes to your business by solving indoor odour issues with deodorisation.

  1. Active Deodorisation – Penetrating into the deepest parts of fibres, nanoe X eliminates frequently encountered odours creating cleaner, and fresher spaces

  2. Inhibition of dangerous substances – nanoe X as been confirmed to inhibit and breakdown common hazardous/harmful substances ensuring that the air you breath is cleaner and safer

  3. Inhibition of Mould – Common airborne and adhered mould found inside living/working spaces are enveloped and inhibited by nanoe X

  4. Inhibition of Bacteria and Virus – nanoe X envelopes and inhibits the activity of airborne and adhered bacteria and viruses

  5. Inhibition of Pollen – nanoe X is effective in inhibiting pollen all year round

  6. Inhibition of Major allergens – nanoe X inhibits allergens such as pet dander, mite faeces, and airborne mould as well as other allergens

  7. Moisturises and Hydrates – nanoe X combines with natural seburn (oil in skin) to coat the skin leading to a smoother well hydrated complexion.

Our ceiling mounted air purifier features:

  • nanoe™X Technology – approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program

  • Whisper quiet – at 27dB(A)

  • Easy Installation – built-in cord & 3-pin plug

  • Compact and Modern Design so will not be tripped over by residents or staff.


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