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In 1957 Emil and Rose Perl, with their young family, left their home country to begin a new life in Australia. Among their possessions were thick, warm doonas, fine damask sheets, lush, absorbent towels and beautiful tablecloths.

Using their combined knowledge of Emil’s business acumen together with Rose’s ability for sewing, they set about re-creating these products for the Australian public, using the secrets of quality European craftsmanship 50 years on, the business now includes a vast collection of quality commercial linen essentials servicing the aged care, medical and hospitality sectors.


  1. We have recently introduced into our range great best sellers....

a) Medical Sheets Blankets and Pillows 

b) Medical Gowns, Garments and PPE 

c) Protective sheets, pads & covers 

2. For all orders above $350 pre gst we now offer FIS Melb metro. 

High loft washable quilts – cotton 350 gsm japara cover

This is the hi loft quilt you have been looking for. It looks plump and plush on the bed, and superior loft means a warmer quilt without feeling heavy.

  • Luxuriously soft soap washed

  • Premium Hollow Polyester filling

  • Healthguard® treated helps create a healthy sleeping environment, being anti-dust mite, antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

  • Available in all sizes and Made in Australia

Healthguard Pillows - 45x70

Perfect for hospital, medical and aged care facilities. Waterproof, wipe-clean and fire retardant, this soft, low-noise PVC covered pillow is high-frequency welded on 3 sides to provide the best protection and durability possible.

  • 480gm of Anti-microbial treated Dacron Performax fibre

  • Allergy Free

Stain resistant mattress protectors & pillow protectors

This mattress protector features a premium polyester filling to provide extra softness and comfort. The non-crinkle waterproof backing adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring your mattress is protected from spills.

Mattress protector features:

Soft 100% cotton cover

Quilted comfort layer with anti-bacterial protection, inhibiting growth of mould and bacteria for added protection and hygiene

Machine washable - convenient & hygienic

40cm fitted skirt, stretching to 50cm, ensuring minimal movement on your mattress while you sleep

Flat/ fitted sheets 100% cotton and 50%50% poly-cotton

100% cotton sheets & sheet sets

For soft, breathable sheets with a crisp, matte finish, look no further than our popular hotel/commercial quality cotton sheet set. Crisp cotton regulates body temperature, softening with every wash. Ethically made with organic cotton, these are the healthiest sheets to put next to your skin.

50%50% poly cotton sheets

Our 50/50 sheets offer minimal ironing and can be put straight on the bed, reducing changeover time. Fast drying and easy laundering make our commercial sheeting the superior choice amongst our clients.

Towels & face washers

Premium commercial white towels designed specifically for use in aged care, hospitals, hotels and motels. The 500gsm 100% cotton towels are constructed in a medium length pile, allowing towels to be beautiful, soft - yet durable. These features make them excellent for use in high turnover areas.

Easycare table linen solutions & napkins

Premium commercial quality - black & white-poly

  • up to 6mtrs long

  • Stain, wrinkle- resistant

  • easy-care & machine washable

Other products include but are not limited to

  • poly cotton quilt cover sets

  • glass cloths

  • tea towels and more

Sam Brody, director, says “as a 100% Australian family-owned company now run by the third generation, we pride ourselves in personalised, efficient service. We GUARANTEE to answer ALL ENQUIRIES and will dispatch orders promptly. Drop into our modern newly appointed Moorabbin showroom to view our range and discuss your requirements..”

03 9529 2758


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