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Petal Back Clothing: Have you heard of adaptive clothing?

It’s not something many of us talk about day to day, but for those who need adaptive clothing, Petal Back has been life changing.

Petal Back adaptive clothing is Australia’s most trusted adaptive clothing brand since 1994. We have been supplying high quality, thoughtfully assistive, easy dressing clothing for more than 30 years!

Our experience guarantees you are getting a tried and tested product that delivers great value for money and looks fantastic. The range was developed in association with dementia and aged care nursing professionals, incontinence organisations, physio and occupational therapists.

Petal Back adaptive clothing are manufacturers and suppliers of adaptive clothing for Men & Women with limited mobility living in aged care or being cared for at home. The unique "Petal Back" design of our garments allows quick and easy dressing and undressing. Designed specifically for the care and dignity of Men and Women with limited mobility or who are seniors.

  • Petal Back Adaptive Clothing slides up the arms THEN over the head and folds at the back for complete dignity and easy dressing for men & women

  • No Velcro and no studs that may scratch or damage delicate skin

  • No lifting is necessary - easing pain and suffering for both the wearer and the carer

  • Durable adaptive clothing in high-quality fabrics that are soft on skin yet able to withstand industrial aged care / nursing home / hospital laundering

  • Affordable prices and a great range of day and night options

  • Easy access clothing for those with limited mobility and for those who use a wheelchair

  • Perfect for use by carers in home health care, nursing homes and aged care facilities

Our lovely light and comfortable summer long sleeve and short sleeve adaptive Petal Back nightie comes in a range of beautiful patterns making it the perfect choice for your loved one at bedtime.

This style features a discrete overlapping back design which wraps from shoulder to shoulder to ensure dignity at all times.

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