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Professional Dentist Supplies: PDS Chlorofluor Gel, Mouth Rinse and Toothpaste

Chlorhexidine has been the dental industries trusted, gold standard, treatment for gum inflammation and tooth decay for over 50 years. Human studies in the 1970s proved the effectiveness of chlorhexidine in stopping dental plaque formation and reducing various gum irritations and inflammation.

As well as chlorhexidine, Chlorofluor Gel, Mouth Rinse and Toothpaste contain a very small amount of fluoride which helps chlorhexidine bind to tooth surfaces, improving its effectiveness in reducing gum irritation, inflammation and dental plaque.

Uses for Chlorofluor:

  • Oral bacteria produces dental plaque that grows around the teeth at the gum line, producing toxic enzymes that can cause gums to become inflamed and irritated. Brushing teeth with standard toothpaste at this point can make the gums even more irritated. Some people stop brushing their teeth all together, to try and reduce the irritation, which makes the problem worse. Using Chlorofluor Toothpaste or Gel on your toothbrush (instead of standard tooth paste) removes the plaque and chemically kills the bacteria that is producing the toxic enzymes causing the irritation. This will cause a rapid cessation of the irritation and gums will become pink and healthy once more.

  • Brushing with Chlorofluor Gel or Toothpaste reduces halitosis caused by plaque build up.

  • There are people who are more susceptible to severe types of gum irritation. They will have episodes when the gums become uncomfortable and more irritated than usual. Many women notice this during pregnancy, menstruation and menopause due to hormone fluctuation. Brushing with Chlorofluor Toothpaste or Gel assists the bodies own defences, to fight off invasive bacteria, making it easier for gum irritation to heal. 

  • Chlorofluor not only helps neutralise bacteria but viruses and fungi as well. There are a number of causes, including auto immune reactions, which see the erosion of the mucous membrane in the mouth. Once the lining of the mouth has been breached, oral bacteria can enter a lesion in great numbers and cause increased inflammation and pain. Twice daily rinsing with Chlorofluor Mouth Rinse will rapidly kill invading bacteria and reduce the inflammation and pain caused.

  • Chlorofluor products are an ideal adjunct to use when cleaning dentures and orthodontic appliances. Chlorofluor will get into those tricky nooks that are difficult to brush and result in sparkling clean dentures and appliances.

Need to know:

  • When using Chlorofluor it is important to spit and NOT rinse for at least 5 mins after use to allow the product to effectively work.

  • The use of Chlorofluor Mouth Rinse for more than 2 weeks may occasionally result in superficial staining at the gum line where long term plaque build up has established. This will disappear if treatment is stopped. Chlorofluor Gel is less likely to cause staining and Chlorofluor Toothpaste is highly unlikely to cause staining due to its natural abrasive qualities.

  • Extended use of Chlorofluor Gel or Mouth Rinse should only be carried out under the supervision of a dentist.

  • Do not use on children under 6 years old (if they cannot expectorate)

  • Do not use Chlorofluor if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

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