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Ranahans Special Diets: Texture innovation meets taste: meals worth swallowing

Ranahans Special Diets would like to introduce you to our texture-modified range of meals, desserts and components. We have been developing and producing texture-modified meals for the past seven years, and are the market leaders in innovation and creation of texture-modified products in Australia.

Ranahans is family owned and operated for 33 years. We have developed a range of texture-modified meals that look and taste delicious and will help those with swallowing difficulties look forward to mealtimes again!

We are proud to say that all of our meals have been developed in collaboration with a Speech Pathologist and Dietician and are IDDSI-compliant. Our meals are packed with quality and nutritious ingredients and have been fortified with additional protein and dairy to ensure optimal nutritional value.

Our meals are available in Smooth Puree (level 4), Mince Moist (level 5) and Soft & Bite Size (level 6). We have more than 20 varieties available in Smooth Puree and Mince Moist, 16 meal choices in Soft & Bite Size and 14 choices of Smooth Puree Desserts.

In our Puree and Mince Moist ranges, all components are individually pureed or minced, before being moulded back into their original shape, making them look like regular vegetables and proteins. The portions remain soft and smooth, even when reheated, which makes them ideal for those with dysphagia or other swallowing difficulties. They resemble traditional foods, making them visually appetising, and allowing their individual flavours to be maintained.

New products are regularly trialled and tested by our chefs so we can add new flavours and meal choices to our product range. During holiday periods such as Christmas and Easter, we add seasonal meals to complement the occasion.

Ranahans Special Diets is NDIS-approved and partners with many Home Care Package Providers. Our texture-modified range can be found in hospitals and Residential Aged Care Homes Australia-wide. We also supply these products to various Meals on Wheels Providers.

Our website shows our complete range of meals. Individual components are also available, allowing kitchens to create their own meal varieties. Components are available in proteins, vegetables and sauces.

Our online shop is perfect for individuals ordering for themselves or for a loved one. For health and aged care pricing, please contact us directly.

Ranahans Special Diets offer free samples and product presentations at your premises. Here we show you the best way to heat, serve and store our products.

We would be happy to assist you in any way we can!

03 9720 0371


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