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SenseAbilities: your partner in elevating seniors' quality of life

Emotions can be intense, we have all had moments when we have been overwhelmed with joy, anger or sadness and throughout our lives we develop skills to regulate and bring ourselves back to calm after these heightened moments. For some this self- regulation can be particularly challenging and having the appropriate tools to help our mind and bodies regulate is incredibly helpful. At different life stages we can face additional challenges that can make self- regulation even more difficult and many people find that they need extra assistance they may not have previously. At SenseAbilities we have the passion, expertise and an extensive range of tools and equipment to support emotional regulation in people of all ages and abilities, thereby supporting their overall health and wellbeing.

As we age there are many emotional challenges, dealing with grief of losing friends and family, loss of independence and control, anxiety around living arrangements, fear and pain as health deteriorates, anger, distress and confusion through memory loss. Many are left feeling like they are on an emotional rollercoaster that feels increasingly extreme with the highs and lows. Experiencing emotional dysregulation can affect our decision- making capacity, our executive functioning, impulse control, memory, sleep and our ability to complete even simple daily living tasks. SenseAbilities can provide expert consultation to explore the range of products that can assist your clients to self-regulate and face these life challenges empowered to manage their own emotional responses more effectively.

The mind body connection is incredible when it comes to emotions and emotional regulation. What we feel in our minds we feel in our body and vice versa. Extreme feelings can lead us to feel extreme physical reactions and these emotions can be stored or feel stuck in our bodies leaving us feeling dysregulated and lacking control. The wonderful thing about this is we can use strategies to calm our bodies that in turn calm our mind. SenseAbilities has a wide range of products that help to regulate our bodies using visual stimuli, proprioceptive input, vestibular input and sensory stimulation. We can assist you to develop a comprehensive range of tools to help with self-regulation that can be used in personalised approaches for each client. By utilizing the products at SenseAbilities to respond to both the mind and body we can improve the outcomes and health and wellbeing of clients.

SenseAbilities carefully selects products with the advice of our Occupational Therapist and Social Worker to meet the needs of our customers. Whether the needs of your aged care clients are mental health in nature; for cognitive stimulation; or to support engagement in and independence with daily living skills; products are chosen to help your team meet these needs. Having an Occupational Therapist and a Social Worker on our team also makes the team uniquely placed to help your problem-solving around particular resident needs that you are trying to meet. If we don’t have what you need we will help you source it. Come and explore SenseAbilities website to consider how the range of sensory processing & modulation, social and emotional regulation tools and equipment can support your residents to engage and live their best lives.

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