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ShiftCare: A game-changer for NDIS and aged care providers

The often intricate and time-consuming process of managing schedules, shifts, and client care plans can pose a significant challenge for NDIS and aged care providers. Traditional methods like paper-based systems or outdated software often lead to errors, miscommunication, and scheduling conflicts, affecting carers and clients. This administrative burden detracts from the time better spent on providing quality care, a situation familiar to Being Mentors, a team of dedicated carers based in Victoria.

Alex, a team leader with Being Mentors, understands these challenges intimately. His team, founded in August 2020 by Daniel Logan, has grown to employ 200 staff across Darwin, Cairns, Northern NSW, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast communities, providing disability support and community access to people of all ages and abilities. "We used to struggle with comprehensive client progress notes," Alex admits.

But things changed with ShiftCare. This innovative software offers features like Custom Notes, which Alex finds particularly helpful. "ShiftCare really helps by offering custom sections in our notes that include prompts. It's like having a built-in guide for segmenting our notes into categories like participant well-being, activities of the day, goals, and upcoming appointments. No more having to figure it out yourself - it's all there for you." highlighting how ShiftCare has revolutionised their record-keeping.

Beyond note-taking, ShiftCare has improved team communication. Care continuity is maintained as caregivers can access client history seamlessly. Alex says, "My favourite ShiftCare feature is probably the availability updater. It allows us to set specific hours of the day as unavailable, which is incredibly helpful, especially for our mentors who have university, kids at home, or other obligations. With ShiftCare, it's easy to make

these changes.”

ShiftCare's mobile app brings convenience to caregivers' fingertips, enhancing efficiency and allowing them to provide prompt, responsive care. The platform even simplifies shift management with the Job Board feature. This tool sets visibility rules for open shifts, allowing selected staff to be notified of open shifts and ensuring only the right team members can apply, significantly reducing the back-and-forth usually associated with shift changes.

Transforming how Being Mentors operates, ShiftCare stands as a testament to the potential of well-crafted digital solutions. This software is designed for the requirements of aged care and NDIS providers, bringing a new level of organisation and professionalism to any care provider business.

ShiftCare transforms how NDIS and aged care providers manage their businesses and support their clients. Providers can focus on delivering compassionate and personalised support while ensuring their business runs smoothly and efficiently. Just as it has for Being Mentors, ShiftCare can transform your operation too. Take it from Alex, "ShiftCare is worth checking out." So, take his advice and have a closer look at ShiftCare.

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