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Standout Medical Careers: Career coaching for medical practitioners

Standout Medical Careers specialises in coaching doctors to understand and convey their value so that they can realise their true potential.

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed increasing competition among doctors applying for roles. Knowing how to stand out to increase their chances of winning their dream role is not something that everyone naturally possesses.

This is why many doctors are now seeking career coaching for guidance.

I am Anita Fletcher from Standout Medical Careers, and I’ve dedicated myself to helping doctors take the necessary actions to pursue their dream career opportunities in both clinical and non-clinical roles.

At Standout Medical Careers, I offer career coaching services including interview coaching, CV development, and planning for ambitious moves within and beyond clinical settings.

I have a deep understanding of the many and varied complexities and challenges of a career in medicine and the opportunities that exist for doctors outside of medicine.

Options for individuals and organisations

My coaching is accessible via many different channels including:

  • Free webinars

  • Individual coaching programs for career planning and development 

  • CV development and interview skills

  • Online learning programs including accredited CPD workshops 

  • In-person and online group workshops for medical workforce teams

The benefits of career coaching

Having coached doctors nationally and internationally, I am well versed in the challenges you may face applying and interviewing for roles.

As a medical career coach, I provide personalised coaching and assistance to ensure your CV is of a professional standard and you have the necessary confidence to apply for any role.

Career coaching is fundamental to being able to move forward and find career fulfillment by:

  • Providing clarity on what your career fulfilment looks like 

  • Creating an unforgettable and compelling value proposition that positions you as the ideal candidate

  • Developing an approach for continued career progression 

  • Building confidence to apply and interview for roles

"With Anita's help, I'm now in a dream job in a new career direction that is helping me to live and realise my professional aspirations."

Professor Andrew Mallett Director of Clinical Research

0437 527 597


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