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STEP4 (Sensotec): Mobile sensory equipment for health and aged care

Sensory therapy involves engaging and calming the senses, helping users relax, self-regulate, and improve their overall well-being. And the good news is, you don’t need to set up a dedicated room to reap the benefits.

Maybe you have limited space, or you’re after a sensory experience that’s accessible to everyone. A mobile sensory unit is your portable, multifunctional sensory solution.


No space or budget for a dedicated sensory room? 

If space and/or budget are limited, you don’t need to set aside an entire room for sensory therapy. We’ve combined a range of sensory items into one streamlined unit- a small footprint, with a big impact.

Do your users have limited mobility? 

In aged care and health care, individuals are often bedridden, incapacitated, or living with limited mobility. A mobile sensory unit is both practical and flexible - easily wheeled from room to room, fits through doorways, and switches on with a single plug socket.

Would you like to offer sensory therapy across a range of locations? 

A mobile unit makes sensory therapy accessible to everyone, without needing to install a sensory space across multiple wards or buildings. Simply rotate the unit between waiting rooms, treatment rooms and common areas.


For seniors, a mobile sensory unit is a welcome respite from the daily routine, and a chance to keep the faculties engaged while supporting retention and independence. 

In healthcare, a sensory unit distracts patients from a busy, brightly lit, and often stressful environment. Especially for patients with underlying conditions such as a sensory processing disorder, sensory equipment creates a more welcoming and patient-centred space.

With sensory therapy, users can access:

Stress relief – by focusing the mind and body on engaging the senses and so feeling a sense of safety and control.

Relaxation – by triggering calming neurochemicals in the brain.

Comfort and distraction – as they shift their attention away from stressful thoughtsand/or experiences.

Effective sensory integration – by self-regulating at their own pace and becoming more self-aware.

Opportunity for skill development – ranging from social and communication skills to motor skill development.

Independence – as they feel more in control over their emotions and environment. 

By reducing patient stress and agitation, a sensory unit also promotes effective communication and gives health professionals and staff the chance to administer care without the patient feeling threatened. 


The Roma gives you up to 6 sensory items in one compact unit, plus storage for extra resources. The unit is:

  • portable 

  • budget-friendly 

  • low maintenance 

  • space-saving

Select and combine items to create a custom sensory experience. We work closely with you to choose from a range of options, including bubble tubes, fibre optics, interactive panels, and portable items such as sensory massage mats.

Above all, we ensure the Roma Unit is tailored to your specific needs and users. For example, we include products with adjustable volume, brightness, speed, and modes to accommodate both sensory seekers and avoiders, and omit items such as mirrors for those living with dementia.

Portable, practical, and therapeutic– the Roma Sensory Unit is purposefully designed to support professionals, patients, and residents in age and health care.

Ready to discuss your sensory options?

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