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Steri-7 Australia: S-7XTRA:why insisting on it makes an overall difference

The Steri-7 product range has been specifically designed to assist facilities to minimise risk, reduce costs and enhance your surface protection and overall environments.

Developed in the UK 20 years ago, S-7XTRA products have been trusted in Australia by healthcare service providers since 2014. S-7XTRA is proudly manufactured in Australia by Steri-7 Pty Ltd – a 100% family owned Australian company.

When pathogens gather, they do not announce their presence until something goes wrong.

Whether it is a flu, gastro or a c. difficile outbreak, the problem can spread quickly through a facility.

S-7XTRA assists in minimising the risk of spread by being able to address all of the pathogens associated with these types of outbreaks.

Tested against over 52+ pathogens, S-7XTRA offers superior efficacy against bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi, yeast, and spores in dirty conditions.

S-7XTRA can assist in reduction of overall costs with the ability to clean and disinfect in one-step and with vast material compatibility, it reduces the number of products needed.

S-7XTRA continues to work when dry allowing for a faster cleaning process without the need to adhere to wet contact times to ensure that the product has done its job.

The range is cost effective and provides further reductions in time and multiple product costs.

S-7XTRA can enhance your surface protection and environment due to its residual and biostatic capabilities.

S-7XTRA is proven to provide a 24-hour residual on touched surfaces and a further 72-hour biostatic surface protection. This ensures that in a busy environment when time is precious you can feel confident that disinfection is extended beyond the initial cleaning action and can reduce the risk of re-infection and spread.

Steri-7 was asked to develop a scented range of solutions by some of our aged care service providers. We wanted to ensure that it not only gave a pleasant lasting scent, but we also wanted it to in some way provide additional benefits.

Working with our product team and getting feedback from our clients we steered away from the usual lemon or floral scents commonly found in the cleaning industry and developed a truly refreshing and clean scent with added Ginger & Green Tea.

The scent enhances the environment to promote the feeling of calm revitalization and wellness. 

S-7XTRA hand rub is formulated with no alcohol and is a friendly and effective hand hygiene solution which also works in dirty conditions. Perfect when water is not readily available.

S-7XTRA solutions and wipes are listed with claims as Hospital Grade with the TGA under 232011 and 232014.

The team are happy to work with you on the challenges you face and how we can assist to minimise your risk while reducing costs and all the while increasing your overall environmental protection.

We welcome your request for more information and for samples to try our S-7XTRA and S-7XTRA FRESH.

02 8209 3846


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