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Twisted Healthy Treats: We make difficult choices around food easy

Our founder started Twisted back in 2010 to create great tasting, healthy frozen treats that are a smart food choice for adults, children and families alike.

At Twisted Healthy Treats we are passionate about producing treats that are not only better for you, but also taste delicious. We are incredibly proud to manufacture our products at our facility in Western Sydney and because we manufacture all of our products on site, we retain full control ensuring only the highest quality product leaves our facility. 

Our Frozen Yoghurt cups are a 5 Health Star Rated, ready to serve treat that come in classic flavours that everyone loves. Each cup of our frozen yoghurt contains 25% fresh probiotic yoghurt that has amazing health benefits. Our yoghurt is underpinned by a patented strain of probiotic bacteria which has been proven to have positive effects on health beyond basic nutrition. 

Our probiotic power blend of bacteria Acidophilus Bifidus and Casei Cultures has been proven clinically to be effective in:

Aiding digestive health. The probiotic survives the gastric transit to germinate in the intestines and reduce abdominal pain and bloating, reduce post prandial gas and enhance utilisation of consumed nutrients such as protein.

Supporting immune health. Studies have shown that when the body is challenged (by colds and flu for example) the probiotic helps us regulate the protective cytokines which help fight the challenge. When the body is challenged by overactive cytokines (inflammation related to arthritis, for example) it helps down regulate cytokines.

Supporting protein utilisation. Studies have demonstrated an increase in protein utilisation through a decrease in recovery time as measured by a reduction in muscle swelling, reduction in blood creatine kinase levels, decrease in soreness, increase in perceived recovery, increase in power and an increase in amino acid levels.

The probiotic used in our frozen yoghurt is a patented spore-forming probiotic strain with a protective shell that shields it from both stomach acids and food-processing conditions, such as pasteurisation and freezing.

The drive towards increasingly healthier lifestyles and the demand for constant innovation is getting stronger. Which is why we believe in developing nutritious treats that contribute to a balanced inner health whilst at the same time, tasting delicious.

Our customer service team based in Sydney are happy to discuss your requirements and order enquiries today.

02 9203 9500


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