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uniformity: Our commitment to social and environmental sustainability as a Sedex member.

We are extremely proud to be a Sedex member – joining the world - leading organisation is our latest commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

From the collection of raw materials to manufacturing – modern slavery can exist at all levels of garment supply chains – globally. That’s why, as uniform wholesalers, we recognise how imperative it is that we uphold our ethical responsibility to address and eliminate this inequality and crime where it occurs.

From forced labour to illegal overtime, wage theft and more, labour exploitation can occur frequently in the garment industry due to these supply chains often operating in locations where laws protecting workers’ human rights are non-existent or not enforced.

At Uniformity, we work proactively to identify, assess, and address the risks of modern slavery practices in our operations. We do this by conducting supplier self-assessment questionaries to gauge their level of compliance and ensure they continually meet the in-depth set of criteria outlined in our Modern Slavery Statement.

At a basic level, this includes all our suppliers being WRAP-certified and/or SEDEX members.

But beyond this, it’s incredibly important to our business that each and every supplier we engage demonstrates genuine commitment and meaningful action against modern slavery.

And so, when assessing supplier partnerships, both new and existing, we ask that they can talk to their modern slavery policy rather than merely providing it as a “tick-box” exercise in statutory compliance. We do not want to work with suppliers who only appear to be upholding strong ethical standards, but in reality, do not take any practical action to eradicate the underlying risk and exploitation in their own supply chains.

Despite the complexity of garment supply chains, as brands and individuals we all play a crucial role in advocating for the human rights of all workers and in turn helping end further examples of modern slavery. For this reason, Uniformity took the next steps to solidify our commitment by becoming a Sedex member.

How will Sedex enhance Uniformity’s commitment to safe, ethical and sustainable supply chain practices?

Sedex’s technology and services will be instrumental in helping us source more responsibly across our supply chain. With the practical tools, data analysis and business insights provided from Sedex’s platform and solutions, the team at Uniformity feel more empowered than ever before to effectively operate to the highest ethical, sustainable standard.

As a Sedex member, we can map our supply chain, identify higher-risk suppliers and request them to have a social-ethical audit. We will then work in collaboration with our suppliers to improve their business practices to create safe working conditions in the regions that we source.

“Sedex membership is another layer in our commitment to being a sustainable and ethical business. Our practical view of this new-world challenge leads us to seek solutions that make a real difference. We manufacture custom-designed uniforms in our contracted facility in Vietnam, where we know the people working on the project and have clear oversight of conditions.”

Ray Lehrer – Managing Director, Uniformity Like to learn more? Book a meeting with our Managing Director Ray Lehrer.

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