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Unitech Solutions (Caretag): How can technology revolutionise community care service delivery?

Service providers in the community care sector have been burdened with legacy systems and manual processes for too long, frustrating the staff and hurting the bottom line of service organisations. Other industries have been enjoying the benefits of digital transformation, while the Aged Care and NDIS service sector has been slow to modernise.

Working with community care providers for over 30 years, Caretag realised the potential of these organisations and the incredible people within them, who simply wanted to deliver the best care possible but were held back by outdated systems. With a flexible digital solution built specifically for Aged Care and NDIS service providers, Caretag solves this problem by bringing together previously disjointed operational and administrative systems into one easy-to-use cloud-based platform.

The Caretag Community Cloud

As a modular suite of software tools, organisations can select the parts of Caretag that will help them, and ensure they’re not paying for things they won’t use. Starting with an initial management module, service providers can then choose from 8 digital tools:

Transport Module: Capture full trip details for individual passengers and drivers integrating with Google Maps, with auto-generated reports on start, end and route details, as well as incident or trip notes.

Scheduler Module: Schedule service and create rosters simultaneously, while automatically calculating and updating client budgets.

Caretag App: Your client dashboards provide all client information and documents, as well as auto-generating pre-populated case notes ready to input and attaching photos taken in the field to your case notes. With Smart Card technology enabled, it’s your go-to app for managing your organisation.

Rostering Module: Your dedicated rostering app gives you the ability to roster full time and supported employees within the same calendar, as well as access to payroll, billing, goals and outcomes for support employees.

Carefile: Your fully customisable client dashboard, giving you all of the information you need to provide the best care with client files, documents, report and information, along with risk profiling and incident or behavioral reporting.

Careplan: Where client goals and outcomes are assigned and tracked, including budgets, expenses, and analysis of funding streams and billing methods.

Reports: From standard billing, payroll, schedule, rosters and transport reports, to client care reports, all in one place for mandatory care time standards and reporting.

By enabling organisations and their people to eliminate costly manual processes through a simple, flexible, and secure cloud-based platform built for operational harmony, Caretag is enabling better care to the communities that need it most.

To see how your organisation can transform with the help of the Caretag Community Cloud, visit or call (02) 9207 1424.

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