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Valka Yoga: Choose holistic wellness in healthcare with Valka Yoga Australia

The quest for holistic wellness solutions that encompass both physical and environmental health has never been more critical as the pursuit of well-being for individuals intersects with environmental consciousness.

Valka Yoga Australia proudly introduces our eco-conscious cork and biodegradable polyurethane yoga mats, meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of hospitals, aged care, and rehabilitation facilities. With Valka Yoga, your facility can embrace a solution that nurtures the well-being of patients, residents, and the planet alike.

Why Valka Yoga is an ideal partner for healthcare facilities

Designed with health and hygiene in mind: Understanding the imperative of hygiene in healthcare settings, our yoga mats are engineered for easy cleaning, do not hold onto odours, and have outstanding durability. The antimicrobial properties of cork add an extra layer of protection, ensuring a clean and safe environment for healing and rehabilitation products.

Safe and supportive: Our yoga mats offer a safe, comfortable foundation for yoga therapy, physical rehabilitation, and wellness activities. Crafted to accommodate individuals across all ages and mobility levels, the natural grip of our mats ensures stability and safety for therapeutic exercises, making them ideal for use in medical environments where balance, stability and support are paramount.

Eco-friendly innovation: At Valka Yoga Australia, we are deeply committed to sustainability and offer plastic-free, sustainably sourced products using materials such as sustainably harvested cork, latex-free rubber, and biodegradable eco-polyurethane in our yoga mats. GOTS certified organic cotton is used for all textile products, while Australian-grown buckwheat husk is used for filling meditation cushions and yoga bolsters. Only recyclable and compostable packaging used for shipping. Our dedication to making a positive impact has been recognized by the Clean and Conscious Awards, an accolade encouraging mindful consumption and acknowledges our efforts in promoting an eco-conscious lifestyle through our products.

Supporting local and global well-being: Choosing Valka Yoga Australia means supporting a brand that values community and environment. Valka Yoga is a woman-owned business that uses only SEDEX and SGS certified suppliers. Implementation of ethical standards is ensured by conducting frequent site-visits and ensuring no child labour is used in the supply chain. We partner with Greenspark to support environmental stewardship and accredited climate action, supporting initiatives that focus on renewable energy, reforestation, and ocean plastic removal. Valka Yoga frequently donates to global charities recently contributing towards aid efforts in Ukraine, and hurricane and flooding relief in New Zealand.

Incorporating Valka Yoga mats into your healthcare facility is a decision that transcends the bodily aspects of physical therapy. It is a commitment to integrating holistic healthcare with respect for our planet. With our products, you can provide a secure foundation for physical therapy and exercise and embody environmental stewardship and ethical responsibility.

Let Valka Yoga Australia help you create a healing environment that brings together the best of wellness and sustainability. Together, we can pave the way for a healthier future, supporting patients and the planet every day.

Contact us to explore a healthier, more sustainable future in healthcare.

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