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Visionflex: It’s time to start bridging the gap between traditional telehealth calls and valuable in-person care

Visionflex is a leading provider of virtual care and telehealth technology in Australia, supplying purpose-built hybrid hardware-software solutions to RACFs and PHNs across the country.

Enhancing RACFs’ care capabilities, the careful implementation of clinical virtual care technology is connecting health professionals with their patients, improving the lives of RACF residents and their standard of care, independent of location.

Our hybrid platform enables remote or on-site primary care providers, clinicians, and metro-based specialists to simultaneously monitor the vital signs of aged care residents’ and manage imaging for wounds and skin ailments.

Depending on a patient’s unique clinical requirements, health professionals will always need to have face-to-face appointments available for their patients.

However, there are many situations when virtual care that utilises advanced telehealth technology can be used to deliver clinical care to remote patients. Hybrid care that utilises clinical telehealth technology expands the scope of health services that can be provided to remote patients at a distance.

Visionflex offers the first truly clinical telehealth and virtual care technologies making quality healthcare more accessible to remote communities than ever before.

ProEX Mobile Kits (pictured) and Telehealth Carts (pictured) come equipped with Visionflex’s ProEX Virtual Care Software (pictured) and support automatic Bluetooth® and USB connectivity to our range of medical devices, including pulse oximeters, digital stethoscopes, ECG, ultrasound, and high-definition examination cameras.

Our purpose-built platform allows data to be stored for integration into Patient Management Systems. This can be essential when monitoring the progression of wounds and performing check-ups of aged care residents post-surgery without the need for travel or the costs of on-going accommodation in city centres.

Talk to the Visionflex team today.

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