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Vitrality: HEPA AirPurifiers: A breath of fresh air in aged care facilities

Among the most vulnerable to airborne viruses are the elderly, who often have compromised immune systems making them more susceptible to illnesses. Thus, the need for enhanced protective measures in aged care facilities is of paramount importance. 

Air purifiers, especially those with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, have been playing an instrumental role in improving the air quality within aged care facilities. Partnered with the consistent use of masks, the combined effect offers an impressive line of defence, ensuring the wellbeing of those in care. Vitrality currently supplies units to aged care facilities and NDIS companies across Australia. 

Vitrality’s air purifiers with HEPA filters trap microscopic particles that we cannot see with the naked eye, including harmful viruses. When implemented in aged care facilities, they provide an added layer of protection, helping to maintain a clean, safe environment for our elderly loved ones and staff. 

A recent study by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) found that the use of masks can reduce exposure from aerosols, such as viruses, by up to 65%. However, when used in tandem with HEPA air purifiers the rate of exposure to airborne viruses reduces by up to 90%. 

In a world where the air we breathe can be a potential carrier of threats, it's essential to arm ourselves with the right weapons. And now, more than ever, HEPA air purifiers and masks appear to be leading the charge in our fight against airborne viruses. 

Key takeaways 

  • Viruses can remain airborne for up to three hours. 

  • The use of masks can reduce aerosol exposure by up to 65%. 

  • The combination of masks and HEPA air purifiers can cut exposure down by up to 90%. 

  • The elderly, being more vulnerable, benefit significantly from the use of HEPA air purifiers in aged care facilities. 

Recommended Vitrality products: 

  • Vitrality Small Room Air Purifier (AD-06) – this small, compact and deceptively powerful unit is the perfect size for individual bedrooms. It comes with a number of in-built features such as a sleep timer, an air quality indicator as well as a HEPA filter. 

  • Vitrality’s Large Room Air Purifier (AF-10) – described by the Melbourne University as “very effective for the removal of aerosols”, this air purifier is a great choice for large communal areas of up to 90m2. The AF-10 comes complete with a HEPA filter and also has wheels which makes it easy to move if required. 

Vitrality air purifiers create a safer, cleaner environment for everyone to thrive in, particularly for our elderly. We can all breathe easy when we know we're breathing clean fresh air. 

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